My intentions of writing a monthly blog have flown right out the window.  And not because I haven't had things to say!! But mostly because I have been a.  working   b.  traveling  c. sick.   The travel has been fun. Time with friends, family, new friends is always refreshing.  The work has  been fun as well.  I had two back to back events in May and I find that when I work consistently at my craft, I am more inspired each day.  The sick, however, has been a drag.  My husband and I both have been struggling (yes that is the word) with whatever respiratory stuff that is currently in motion.  We have both slowed to a turtle's pace. However,  I am currently gearing up for a show in September.  I was juried in to the Palisade Wine Festival!  Very exciting news and I will have new work there!

I spent a week at the Idyllwild Art Center in California with two dear friends.  Our instructor was Adrienne Eliades.  You can find her on the web or Instagram (@bugaboo_eyes)   Patient, kind, intelligent, knowledgeable, she sent me in a new direction with my work.  And that is the challenge for me when I attend a workshop.  How can I use this new skill in my work without completely changing up everything I have been doing? We shall see!




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