March Blog 3.31.18

March Blog

My goal has been to blog once a month.  I am not quite sure why I feel I need to blog (when did this become a verb?), just that I do.  I have been thinking/talking about a website for 3 years or more.  I just didn’t feel I had the skills to put one together.  But with some encouragement (thanks Jill and Mel) and with a lot of handholding and guidance (thanks Mel) it’s coming together.

What is the point of a blog??  I am not certain.  There are blogs that I follow for information, inspiration, and/or personal growth.  I really don’t know if I have those things to offer, but perhaps it's a place to start conversation.  As a person who has arrived in the art/craft world later in life, I do have some observations and ah ha! Moments. 

One of those moments was the realization that there have been conversations going on for eons concerning art vs. craft.  Who knew??  Certainly not me!  I was told a few years ago that only painters are true artists.  Taken aback, I was!  It would seem, the rest of us simply “make stuff”.  But it is that creative process that intrigues me.  Whether we are artists or makers of stuff, the creativity that keeps us constantly problem solving, looking at the work from a different perspective, screaming in frustration, and listening for that “small still voice”, is what pushes many of us in new directions.  The “what if” moments.  Before I discovered clay, I was having those epiphanies in other parts of my life.  Raising children, sewing, music, teaching reading, being married were all subject to “what if” experiments. (What if I do not tell someone to dump the trash, will it happen and how long before it does??)

Perhaps the painters who proclaim they are the only true artists are correct.  But for the rest of us who apply that problem solving, creative approach to our daily lives, I say Arise!!!  Live Long and Prosper! You got this!!  Who cares, just keep making stuff!!!

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