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 A tale of a maker...

I began working in clay ten years ago and set up my own home based studio in 2012.    Functional pots that people use every day in their homes is where my heart lives.  Our cupboards are filled with handmade ware that is used everyday, helping me to make decisions about the kind of pots I will make. How does it feel in my hands?  Does each piece hold up to the everyday use most households will give it?  Microwave, dishwasher, dogs, kids? 

Today my days are filled with throwing pots, hand building trays, mixing glazes, marketing, and business decisions.    

Meet Chrissy Winters of Winters Blessings Soap.  Her business involves milking goats, raising kids (goats and human children) making soap, lotion, lip balm, and many other products.  Often Chrissy and I collaborate on projects.  I consult with Chrissy on design for the soap dishes.  She is just one of the hardworking, talented makers in Moffat County.   https://wintersblessingsoap.net/